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O we're not done yet! The Top 4 in Winner's Bracket

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

North America HCS Kickoff Qualifier Series

Day 1: December 1st - Ended at ~midnight

The briefed of recaps


Published at 6pm ET on December 2nd

T minus NOW! So read up quick - the last fight before the Raleigh, NC Kickoff Major is upon us! This Kickoff Qualifier not only awards teams HCS Pro points to get them the best possibly seeding, but the top 4 teams finishing tonight will automatically qualify for Pool Play (alongside top pro point earners) at LAN.

The epic conclusion is literally about to start, so I'm just going to highlight the top 4 teams we will be seeing in the Winners side of the bracket.


(Falcated, Bound, Snipedown, Bubu Dubu)

It's too be expected for that all of these teams pretty much slap in the earlier rounds, but Inconceivable was looking extra snappy and smooth yesterday. They show off their moves starting in the earlier round all the way to the Winner's Quarter Finals beating Kansas City Pioneers 2-0.

(The Eco Smith, Pznguin, Renegade, Stellur)

I didn't pay too close attention to Cloud9 in the earlier rounds because, well, they're Cloud9, so I knew we'd be seeing them later as they seemed to have continued their 'Second Place' average placement curse from the Halo 5 HCS Season 1-4 Series. Cloud9 played G2 Esports (Gilkey, Articc, Sabinater, Str8 Sick) in the Winner's Quarter Finals and G2 play well in game 1, with a quick flag cap, but Cloud9 manage to outsmart G2 round pretty much every bend for the 2-0 victory.

(Trippy, Ola Kedavra, Lucid, APG)

Again, I didn't pay too close attention to Optic, because I really expect anything short of dominance in the early bracket. I will say, if you haven't had a chance to tune into their streams, the relationship these guys have with one another is inspiring and comes through in many moments throughout the day.

(Spartan, KingNick, Rayne, Ryanoob)

eUnited can be such a hot and cold roster and yesterday, they were very, very hot! Winners Quarter Finals they beat Sentinels 2-0, but not easily. (3-2 Flag, and 50-40 Slayer Finish). I'll let these highlights speak for themselves.

The last four, that I don't have time to fully review are the likes of Xset, Sentinels, Kansas City Pioneers and G2 Esports. These squads are deserving of praise for sure and I'll make sure to give you the low-down of their performance on Day 1 in due time!


Again, if you're reading this on December 2nd, bring up the main broadcast and tune in right now! I'll have a more in-depth review in the coming weeks of this entire event. If the time has passed, you've missed it, and you're looking to really catch up, you can continue reading through these blog posts for my takes or watch the final rounds of the broadcast from the day!

-- Taylor 'Snow' Feraco. LVT Productions

@ArcFlyGuy and @TigDontMiss for assistance with content gathering and note-taking

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